Water Safety Rules Every Parent Should Know

On hot summer days, many of us head to local swimming spots to cool off and have fun with our families. However, a trip to the pool can quickly turn tragic if the proper precautions aren’t taken. According to the CDC, “drownings are a leading cause of injury death for young children ages 1 to […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Fireworks Safety

The safest way to enjoy fireworks is to let the pros do it. But if you can’t imagine July 4th without lighting a few fireworks at home, here are are the Dos and Don’ts of fireworks safety: DO: Point the fireworks away from people, places, and things. Keep water nearby in case anything happens, and […]

Ultimate Summer Safety Guide

Make summer safety a priority. Summer should be a time of lighthearted amusement, and not unnecessary trips to the doctor! Learn these key summer safety tips to prevent injuries while enjoying all of your favorite seasonal activities. We walk you through the basics of safe grilling, swimming and fireworks. Safe Grilling and BBQs Each year, […]

Injured or Sick? Don’t Panic. Plan Ahead.

Choosing between Urgent Care, Primary Care, and the Emergency Room: Your choice could save—or cost—you time and money. Imagine that you’ve slipped and cut your arm. The cut is deep enough that you’re probably going to need some stitches. And there’s a chance something might be broken too. Now imagine spending several hours in the […]

Providing Better Urgent Care: How Real-Time Feedback Helps Us Serve You

As a patient experience-driven organization, all of us at Saddleback Family and Urgent Care work very hard to put you at the center of everything we do. In order to deliver the best customer service you can expect from an urgent care experience, we rely in part on you to tell us how we’re doing. […]